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Kevin and Ardavan Javid founded Graphicwise in 2000 with the goal of creating a boutique agency where client success is always the primary objective. Today, with more than two decades of experience, and over 600 happy clients served, Graphicwise has earned the trust of companies worldwide as a design, branding, and marketing partner who puts client success above profits.

Topaz Hoang


Partner + Sr. Art Director

Besides being an identical twin, Ardavan Javid is Graphicwise’s other partner and founder. As a business-minded creative with a keen sense for strategy, Ardavan is excellent in visualizing and planning each branding campaign from start to finish, making sure each pixel is put in place for a reason.

Topaz Hoang


Partner + Sr. Art Director

Kevin Javid is an identical twin as well as one of the partners and founders of Graphicwise. Kevin is a consummate creative who is adamant about making sure the smallest details are always perfect. His sense of design combined with his love for helping clients often keeps Kevin working way beyond bedtime!

Topaz Hoang


Director of Marketing

Topaz Hoang is our agency’s director of marketing. Topaz’s genuine care and love for solving each client’s unique problems, combined with her expertise, experience, attentiveness and high degree of professionalism has made her an intricate part of every client’s long-term success.

Topaz Hoang


VP of Business Growth

Jessie Stevens is a dynamic Business Growth Specialist with focus on client success. Her ability to forge strong client relationships and understand their unique needs has been pivotal in driving successful growth and enhancing brand awareness. Jessie’s strategic marketing prowess is evident in her development of tailored digital marketing strategies that align with current trends, resonate with target audiences, and deliver results.

Topaz Hoang


VP of Content

Amanda Dollinger is our resident content-creating expert. Amanda is passionate about producing and editing customized blogs, articles, and other written content that results in robust, high-performing websites which impress both visitors and Google’s ranking systems!

Topaz Hoang


VP of Digital Marketing

Trieu Ly is a highly talented digital marketing specialist who has over 20 years of experience in search engine optimization (SEO) and Google AdWords. His attention to detail, know-how, and expertise has led to over 200 clients experiencing tremendous online growth.

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“our banding, website, and SEO marketing services have established me as an elite professional in southern california. i largely credit the guys for our success, and helping us grow tremendously.”

Dr Tyler Meier
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