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Marketing experts agree that branding is the single most important investment you can make in your business, as a well-thought-out and executed image can not only help differentiate you from your competitors, but attract more customers to your products and services.

68% of your potential clients

68% of your potential customers will check out your website and make a decision based on aesthetics as to whether or not they will do business with you.

92% of consumers admit passing

92% of consumers admit passing judgment on a business solely based on how strong or weak their brand and marketing collateral is.

77% of marketing leaders

77% of marketing leaders believe that branding is the single most important key to growth, new customer acquisition, and overall profitability.


  • 1 Hour of Competitive Analysis
  • 2 Hours of Design Strategy
  • 2 Unique Logos to Choose From
  • 2 Hours of Changes


  • 2 Hours of Competitive Analysis
  • 4 Hours of Design Strategy
  • 4 Unique Logos to Choose From
  • 4 Hours of Changes
  • 1 Business Card Design
  • Basic Logo Definition Document


  • 4 Hours of Competitive Analysis
  • 4 Hours of Design Strategy
  • 8 Unique Logos to Choose From
  • 8 Hours of Changes
  • 3 Business Card Design Options
  • Advanced Logo Definition Document

It only takes a few seconds to make a lifetime impression.

In today’s image savvy world, brands can make or break a business. We understand the importance of first impressions, consumer psychology, and having a competitive edge, and strive to create an image that will not just capture the right customer base, but also help promote growth and longevity.

Branding services
Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis.

By understanding who your competitors are, we are able to create an identity that differentiates you from those competing for the same space, while making a greater impression on your potential clients.

Target Market Analysis

Target Market Analysis.

It is extremely critical to know exactly who your target market is, as this information allows our teams to create a brand based on your potential client’s taste, expectations, and objections.

Focus Group Study

Focus Group Study.

By showing designs to a panel composed of your future customers, and asking for their input and objections, we are able to base the campaign on real data from those who will be buying from you.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy.

Developing a brand strategy is key to the long-term success of any business. By thinking and planning for every potential scenario, our team can better handle design challenges before they arise.

Naming Services

Naming Services.

Naming a company or product is an essential part of branding, and success. By developing a unique name based on a variety of factors, businesses can be sure that their brand will be memorable and positive.

Logo Design

Logo Design.

The mark that represents your company is a very significant part of your branding campaign. Our custom-designed logos are the visual differentiation any business needs to capture the attention of clients.

Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity.

We will create business stationery and other visual aids to define how the logo should be used in varying instances, bringing uniformity to all the front-facing and internal pieces that represent your company.

Brand Guidelines

Brand Guidelines.

Once everything has been extensively thought-out and designed, it is essential to document all aspects of each piece to serve as guideline for other designers who will be helping in future campaigns.

Print Collateral

Print Collateral.

A critical part of branding are those pieces that are printed, displayed, or handed out — such as brochures, catalogs, and trade show collateral. We are experts at bringing uniformity and value to all your print pieces.

Digital Collatera

Digital Collateral.

In today’s digital world, the need for digital pieces such as digital brochures, email templates, and banner ads is mounting.  We create digital friendly pieces that are branded, high profile, and effective.

Website Design

Website Design.

Everyone of your potential customers is connected to the internet, so the need for mobile friendly websites that offer an amazing user experience and differentiate your business from others is key.

Advertising Design

Advertising Design.

Adverting in today’s saturated visual space is not easy. Fortunately, our team has the creativity, expertise, and experience in user psychology to create unique pieces that truly stand apart.

Product Packaging

Product Packaging.

How can you sell retail products if your packaging isn’t correctly developed? Shelf space is limited and so is consumers’ patience. We can make an impact quickly by designing powerful packaging.



Photos communicate a thousand words, and through custom photography, it is our goal to capture the soul of your company and present it in the world, connecting customers to you for life.

Video Production

Video Production.

Everyone loves to watch something rather than read! By developing moving and impactful video, our team is able to skillfully create stories that make your brand shine and be remembered.



Companies can gain tremendous exposure by participating in trade shows.  By designing fully branded and cohesive signs, banners, and booths, we are able to instantly bring recognition to our clients.

Copy Writing

Copy Writing.

A part of any company’s brand is written communication, and through writing effective copy that speaks your company’s language and tone, we can further strengthen your brand’s appeal.

Brand Management

Brand Management.

We would love to be long-term partners, overseeing all aspects of brand as it grows and evolves. By managing your brand, we continue to use our vision to create beautiful pieces along your journey.

“Graphicwise was selected from among many design agencies not just for their creativity, but how comfortable we felt with their sense of passion and problem-solving. They did an amazing job designing our entire brand, and we felt very pleased with our decision to partner with them.”

Trish Cerchi
Xperience Marketing

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