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In today’s digital and mobile-friendly world, having a mobile app has now become a necessity.

Graphicwise understands the importance of a business having a app, as it play a big role in connecting with a new customer base, keeping the existing ones engaged, and helping businesses compete. With your profitability in mind, Graphicwise’s marketing and design experts have the perfect solution to help you grow and dominate your industry.

If your business feels a bit stagnant, perhaps investing in a app is all you need to create new interest and excitement.  Today, there are over 2.71 billion mobile users worldwide, so why not capitalize on this extraordinary trend in exposing your businesses to the masses in a way that is unique, engaging, exciting, and intuitive?

Combining strategy, research, and business growth models with user friendly page layouts, application flows, attractive iconography, and robust programming technologies, Graphicwise’s mobile app department can create a solid roadmap to application success, helping you compete against your most dominant competitors, while attracting new clients to join your tribe.

Mobile apps are only successful if they are designed with a purpose.

We design and develop robust mobile apps based on strategy and a well-calculated process that offers users a unique and engaging experience, while creating subtle sales channels to increase profitability and grow your brand.

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Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis.

First, we need to understand your competition to be able to determine your unique differentiation. Once we know all the facts, we are better able to conceptualize and plan for a successful and unique app.

Research and Strategy

Research and Strategy.

Who will be using this app? Why would they need this app? By creating a sound strategy based on research, we are able to trasform a simple idea into a sophisticated mobile app that will be used by your clients.

Profit Model

Profit Model.

While every mobile app needs to have broad appeal, it is also critical for your investment to make money. We are experts in creatively proposing subtle revenue streams to make your app into a money-making machine.

Native IOS apps

Native IOS apps.

Are you looking for an app specific to Apple IOS?  We are experts in IOS app development and are confident in being able to create highly advanced systems that adhere to Apple’s strictest guidelines.

Native Android Apps

Native Android Apps.

Looking to have an Android app developed?  We are also experts in Android, utilizing the most advanced toolkits and technologies to create the ideal app for your business, ensuring full compliance with Google.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid Apps.

Hybrid mobile apps work on both IOS and Android devices, often saving clients money in overall design and development costs as it replaces the need for creating individual platform-specific apps.



Our process for creating any app includes creating wireframes in order to better understand the overall vision and general layout, while giving you an opportunity to begin visualizing the final product.

Application Flow

Application Flow.

Another critical step in the design and development process includes creating, re-creating, and refining application flow, ensuring efficiency and purpose for every screen and every process.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design.

Visual components of a app help define the brand, create attraction, and lead to usage. We have a full UI/UX design team that understands trends, user psychology, and usability standards.

Web Applications

Web Applications.

Does your app need a web component to handle a variety of functionality for mobile and web users? Do you need an app that seamlessly integrates with a website? We’re experts at that too!

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance.

Quality is our first priority, whether in planning, design, or coding. For that reason, we go through a stringent quality assurance process to ensure every pixel and every line of code is perfect.

Setup & Maintenance

Setup & Maintenance.

We take care of all the details so that you don’t have to.  From selecting the best hosting solution, setting up all the software, and making timely updates to your app, our technical team can do it all.

“The guys understand our profession’s unique challenges. Their design and marketing skills has exceeded my expectations and I’m confident they will do the same for you.”

Dr Deed Harrison
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Mobile App Facts.

Consumers downloaded 205 billion apps in 2018

Consumers downloaded 205 billion apps in 2018, and that number is expected to rise to 258 billion by 2022.

 the average smart phone user spent 3.3 hours on mobile apps

In 2018, the average smart phone user spent 3.3 hours on mobile apps, far more than time spent on any website.

Apple’s App Store reported to have 2.15 million active

As of late 2018, Apple’s App Store reported to have 2.15 million active apps available for download.

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Serving clients across the globe.

Serving clients across the globe