Founded in 2000 by twin brothers and creatives Kevin and Ardavan Javid, Graphicwise has been serving the branding, design and marketing needs of many companies, large and small.

Our Team


Partner & Art Director

Besides being an identical twin, Ardavan Javid is Graphicwise’s other partner and founder. As a business-minded creative with a keen sense for strategy, Ardavan is excellent in visualizing and planning each branding campaign from start to finish, making sure each pixel is put in place for a reason.


Partner & Art Director

Kevin Javid is an identical twin as well as one of the partners and founders of Graphicwise. Kevin is a consummate creative who is adamant about making sure the smallest details are always perfect. His sense of design combined with his love for helping clients often keeps Kevin working way beyond bedtime!


Director of Marketing

Topaz Hoang is our agency’s director of marketing. Topaz’s genuine care and love for solving each client’s unique problems, combined with her expertise, experience, attentiveness and high degree of professionalism has made her an intricate part of every client’s long-term success.


Brand Curator & Designer

Seyerle Braaten is our team’s brand curator and lead designer. Her attention to detail and keen sense of design has contributed to Graphicwise’s already strong level of creativity. Sy’s great vision and foresight has made her an ideal designer to tackle all aspects of branding, including web, print and digital collateral.


Director of Media

Linh Nguyen is our Director of Media. With extensive experience in managing media teams, Linh has been very successful in creating brand stories and strong marketing approaches for companies throughout the world. She also specializes in event marketing, helping companies showcase thier very best to the world.


Head of Digital Marketing

Trieu Ly is the agency’s head of Digital Marketing specializing in organic SEO, strategizing and managing large-scale Google AdWords campaigns, as well as developing high profile social media campaigns. With more than a decade of marketing expertise, Trieu has been an intricate part of our clients’ long term success.


Digital Marketing

Sam Huynh is one of Graphicwise’s digital marketing experts with ample experience in SEO and online growth. With a keen sense of marketing and expertise in various facets of digital marketing techniques, website optimization, and ads, Sam continues to help clients meet their online marketing goals.


Account Executive

Phenix Nguyen is a highly seasoned account executive working tirelessly to service Graphicwise clients from start to finish, ensuring all client concerns are met. Her positive attitude and resourcefulness in getting things done have made a huge impact on the firm retaining and attracting new clients and helping Graphicwise grow.


Account Executive

Luke Peterson has been instrumental in Graphicwise’s growth over the past decade.  Luke brings a high level of motivation, professionalism, and problem-solving skills to the team while putting a high value on client servicing, helping his clients understand and navigate the often complex process of branding and marketing.


Research Consultant

Craig Brady is a highly seasoned and experienced market research consultant and strategist with close to two decades of experience in focus group research, competitive analysis, business strategy, and marketing consultation.  He has helped Graphicwise clients in fine-tuning their branding and marketing approach.


Senior Copy Writer

Matt Koesters is Graphicwise’s go-to guy for copywriting, content marketing, SEO strategy, public relations, and wordsmithing. An award-winning business journalist and experienced salesman, Matt asks the right questions to understand a client’s needs. The result: Website and blog copy that positions our clients as best-in-class. 


Senior App Developer

Vincent Tran is Graphicwise’s senior software developer and app designer specializing in native IOS app design and development. With ample experience in UI/UX, as well as a high level of expertise in Objective C, React Native, C/C++/C#, JS, PHP and HTML 5, Vincent has been on the forefront of dozens of successful app launches.


Content Creator

Katie Truong is one of Graphicwise’s content creators who have been working closely with the digital marketing teams in developing robust content for not only articles, but for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads. Her writing skills combined with her passion for telling a story has made Katie an integral part of our team.


Content Creator

Louis Nguyen is another one of Graphicwise’s content creators who brings his solid media and PR experience to the agency. By researching and writing unique articles and press releases, Louis is able to create a much higher level of engagement with audiences, which in turn creates more success for our clients.

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