Founded in 2000 by twin brothers and creatives Kevin and Ardavan Javid, Graphicwise has been serving the branding, design and marketing needs of many companies, large and small.

Our Team


Partner & Art Director

Besides being an identical twin, Ardavan Javid is Graphicwise’s other partner and founder. As a business-minded creative with a keen sense for strategy, Ardavan is excellent in visualizing and planning each branding campaign from start to finish, making sure each pixel is put in place for a reason.


Partner & Art Director

Kevin Javid is an identical twin as well as one of the partners and founders of Graphicwise. Kevin is a consummate creative who is adamant about making sure the smallest details are always perfect. His sense of design combined with his love for helping clients often keeps Kevin working way beyond bedtime!


Director or Marketing

Topaz Hoang is our agency’s director of marketing. Topaz’s genuine care and love for solving each client’s unique problems, combined with her expertise, experience, attentiveness and high degree of professionalism has made her an intricate part of every client’s long-term success.


Brand Curator & Designer

Seyerle Braaten is our team’s brand curator and lead designer. Her attention to detail and keen sense of design has contributed to Graphicwise’s already strong level of creativity. Sy’s great vision and foresight has made her an ideal designer to tackle all aspects of branding, including web, print and digital collateral.


Business Development

Gigi Kim is our Director of Business Development and brings a great deal of positivity and motivation to our team, as well as our clients. Her background in fashion, entrepreneurship and sales uniquely positions her for this role. She is a great visionary and loves helping our clients succeed and grow.

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