Top 10 Trending Logos in 2023


Top 10 Trending Logos in 2023.

Top 10 Trending Logos in 2023

Are you a business owner, marketer or designer looking to stay ahead of the trends? As we head into 2023, getting a better understanding of top logo design trends can be very useful in staying competitive and ensuring your brand is making an impact. So let’s dive right in and look at ten key logo designs that are dominating the marketplace! We’ll cover everything from basic design elements such as typography to more complex ideas such as incorporating animation into your company mark. Get ready to get inspired and bring your branding presence up-to-date with current industry norms!

#10. Psychedelic Logo

As psychedelic culture continues to reemerge in the holistic wellness space, psychedelic designs are reemerging with it! Psychedelic logos with waves and folds, overlapping lines and high contrast, bold font, and descriptive imagery are surging in 2023. If you’re looking to create a logo for a business that is about wellness, mental health, mentality, or a business about medicine, psychology, or psychedelics, a psychedelic logo may be perfect for you.

#9. Illusion/Negative Space Logo

Negative space logos are creative and effective designs that create a form by using the negative spaces surrounding an object. Negative space logos make use of the surrounding white space to create a powerful visual effect as if both elements are connected in some perceptual way. Negative space logos also have advantages such as creating balance, harmony and oftentimes revealing hidden meanings that capture the attention of viewers. This makes them a great design choice for any branding strategy or logo design project, as they can captivate an audience in a very memorable and impactful way.

#8. Vibrant Colors

A vibrant logo is a great way to make your brand stand out and give it some personality. Logos are incredibly important when marketing and branding since they’re often the first thing people see – so if you have a vibrant logo, you can immediately grab people’s attention and draw them in. A vibrant logo also conveys energy and enthusiasm, which can be helpful in catching potential customers’ eyes as well as developing a memorable connection to your brand. Vibrant logos can show customers that you’re creative, impressive, and always looking for ways to stand out – creating a powerful visual impact that will be sure to leave a lasting impression amongst the masses!

#7. Animated Logos

An animated logo may be a great choice for businesses looking to stand out from their competition. These animated logos are animated graphics or videos instead of the traditional image-based logo, resulting in a more dynamic feel. Animated logos also have the benefit of eye-catching visuals that can help make a lasting impression on customers, potentially leading to more business and brand recognition over time. Additionally, animated logos give businesses the opportunity to express themes such as movement and transformation more effectively, making them even more special than non-animated logos.

#6. Hand-Drawn and Unfinished Logos

Hand-drawn logos bring a sense of warmth and nostalgia to any brand they represent. They give off the feeling that you are dealing with something handcrafted and authentic, curated with care. The imperfect lines and rough edges add some character and charm that often cannot be achieved by computerized designs due to their level of precision. Finished-looking logos can come off as sterile or overly authoritative; hand-drawn ones tell stories, hinting at the emotions behind them in an accessible way. Logos done by hand invite passersby to stop for a moment and appreciate the beauty in simplicity and the effort gone into creating something unique.

#5. Pastels

Pastel logos are a great way to capture attention while still maintaining a gentle, timeless vibe. When paired with pastel colors such as pastel pink, pastel teal, and pastel lavender, pastel logos can give a business an elegant and delicate presence in the market. Pastels are particularly well-suited for companies that focus on feelgood services, health and wellness products, or restorative retail havens. A pastel logo can add an air of calm and sophistication to a brand’s identity without detracting from the professionalism associated with the company.

#4. All Lower Case

A lowercase logo is a unique and stylish way to stand out from the competition. It’s especially effective in modern, tech-focused industries or any situation where you want to challenge traditional conventions and appear hip and contemporary. Lowercase fonts lend themselves to creating a personalized feel—there’s something eye-catching about the lower key character that can draw your audience closer. By using lowercase in your logo, you’re telling your viewers that you have something interesting to say and that it’s worth paying attention to! Popular lowercase logos include Amazon, Target, and Facebook.

#3. Sketched Icons

A sketched logo is the perfect choice for any business looking to stand out from the crowd. By introducing a sketched design, the logo conveys an element of creativity, unconventionality and individuality. It’s unique because the sketched style yields something greater than just a vector graphic – it’s an emotional touchpoint that evokes a feeling of warmth and approachability. Plus, sketched logos are easily recognizable thanks to their non-standard designs, which makes them ideal when it comes to marketing and branding efforts. So if you’re looking to showcase your business as something special, choose a sketched logo for your next project.

#2. Typography-Only Logos (Monograms)

A typography-only logo, sometimes more commonly referred to as a wordmark or monogram, is a logo design that utilizes typography alone, without the use of imagery like shapes and colors. A typography-only logo can come in many unique forms, from simplistic letters and words to elaborate lettering styles and graphic typographical elements. It often includes the creation of custom fonts which are used exclusively for branding purposes. Companies will likely opt to use a typography-only logo when they want their brand identity to accurately reflect their mission while also relying on minimalism and typographic typology – little emphasis is put on colors, shapes, and other typical graphic design elements. Typography-only logos often feature prominently on business cards, and website headers, and as part of a company’s overall identity system – making them an effective branding tool for businesses.

#1. Minimalistic Logos

Minimalistic logos are becoming increasingly popular for businesses’ visual representation. What makes minimalistic logos special is their simplicity – the minimal amount of visuals and colors, combined with a concise design, quickly draw attention from viewers. This type of logo is perfect for those with an eye for minimalism who want to make a bold statement without relying on too much ‘noise’. Minimalistic logos are often minimal in size, making them perfect for both digital spaces as well as printed material. Ultimately, this type of logo offers potential customers a simple but powerful visual message about the business in question.

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