Designing a Logo: Our Unique Process


Designing a Logo: Our Unique Process

Designing a Logo: Our Unique Process

Your logo is one of the most important aspects of your business. It’s the visual representation of who you are, what you do, and the values that define you. So when it comes to designing your logo, we take it very seriously. We insist on working with people who are passionate about their business and believe in their mission, and we take time to really get to know them and their vision so that we can create something special that matches their energy. Here’s a brief look at our unique process for designing logos!

First, The Interview

The first step in our design process is getting to know the person who we’re working with—not just their business, but them on a personal level. That’s because designing a logo is an intuitive process; it involves feeling the energy of the individual or team behind the logo and then translating that into an image. A powerful logo combines the vision of a business owner with their drive, energy, and intention. So, when we start designing a logo, we do three things. First, we interview them one-on-one to find out all about their past experiences, goals for the future, and what they want their brand to convey.

Next, We Create Prototypes

Once we’ve completed our interview, we begin creating prototypes of potential logos based on what we’ve learned. We make sure to keep their vision in mind while also adding a uniquely inspired, creative flair to each design as well. This helps us create options that are both visually pleasing, and are true reflections of who they are and what their business stands for.

Finally, We Let Them Choose & Make Edits

When it’s time for them to choose a logo from our prototypes, this is when they can make any edits they may want before finalizing the design. We understand that no two businesses are truly alike, which is why it’s important for each business owner to have control over how their logo looks at this stage in order for it be truly unique and special.

Designing a logo isn’t like any other type of design project — because every business has its own distinct history and energy that needs to be translated into an image. That’s why at Graphicwise, our approach differs from other design firms in that we take time getting to know each person individually before starting any projects — so that way when it comes time for us to create something special for them, each finished product will be tailored specifically towards their needs as well as reflect who they are both personally and professionally. If you’ve been considering getting a new logo designed, or rebranding an old one, we may be a perfect fit—if you’re a passionate business owner who believes in your brand, we want to talk to you.

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Branding is storytelling, and at Graphicwise, that’s what we do best. We’re passionate storytellers with a heart for people and a knack for producing creative, cutting-edge ideas.

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